Experience-Driven Learning for Career Readiness

Simulated work environments built to help you gain practical experience while studying and after graduating.

Billet is how Sub-Saharan African students &graduates gain practical experience

Experience Authentic Challenges

Immerse yourself in simulations crafted to replicate real-world scenarios, honing skills through practical learning.

Soft Skills in Real Context

Practice communication, teamwork, and problem-solving in lifelike settings, building essential skills tailored to your career journey.

Certified Simulated Achievements

Improve your CV with certifications showcasing completed projects, demonstrating readiness and competence to employers.

Easy to get started. Even easier to work.

Browse talent.

Whether you’re searching for software development services or a data analysis intern, you can find the best technologist for your needs.

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Why Billet?

We're all about ensuring the next generation of tech talent finds employment quickly and easily.

Choose projects that fit your level of confidence and competence.

Your academic performance won't keep you from putting your skills to the test.

Students gain free access to the platform through their universities.

Nurture meaningful connections for career growth.

We believe every student and graduate should have equal opportunities to gain practical experience before entering the job market.

Ready to gain hands-on experience?

Navigating the Tech Landscape

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Exploring the booming industry and shedding a light on the untapped potential of Sub-Saharan talent.

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Common Questions Answered

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What career paths do the simulations cover?

The simulations will initially cater to computer science students, specifically those taking the software developer career path. In the future, we will include simulations for other career paths.

How do these simulations benefit my career?

Simulations provide hands-on experience, allowing you to tackle real-world challenges. This boosts your confidence, making you job-ready with practical skills that employers seek.

Can I interact with other participants?

Yes, you'll collaborate on projects and network within simulations, fostering connections with peers. This mirrors real-world teamwork dynamics.

How are these simulations different from actual work experience?

While not the same as real jobs, simulations replicate the challenges you'll face. You'll learn decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork, making your transition smoother.

What if I struggle with a simulation?

Struggles are part of learning. Still, our platform offers guidance, feedback, and resources to help you overcome challenges, ensuring your growth and success.

Will I receive proof of completing simulations?

Yes, you'll earn verified completion badges for each project you successfully finish. These badges demonstrate your hands-on expertise to potential employers.

Can I track my progress within the simulations?

We've designed a progress tracking system that allows you to monitor your growth, see achievements, and assess your development journey throughout each simulation.